Monday, June 14, 2010

First Day Off

Today is the first day both of us has been off work together since we arrived back to Port Clinton in May! Since that time our routine, if you can even call it a routine, has been hectic. We get up by 7:00, shower and head to work. Gary goes either to West Marine or Put-in-Bay to work at the Skyway. I jump on the Jet Express and head for the Put-in-Bay WInery. Sometimes we even get to ride the Jet together, which is a treat. In the evenings we meet somewhere for a quick bite to eat, Gary hands over his paychecks and tips, I combine them with mine, toss them on the counter, and we flop into a hot sticky bunk on board Tessa. The tips have piled up since we have no time to spend them! We will need all the cash we can accumulate to pay for our new cockpit enclosure, dodger, and bimini top. Tessa is still on-the-hard, waiting impatiently for us to complete her summer makeover and get her back afloat. We may launch this afternoon if the last minute projects come together. If not, we will launch tomorrow for sure. All three of us are very anxious to be back on the water again. Hope to be able to do more detailed updates when the chaos is over and order is restored on board!